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Q: Whom are we?

A: ShopWPH is a flagship eCommerce store selling to over 180 countries. You can read more about us here.

Q: What is best browser to surf ShopWPH.com?

A: ShopWPH.com is built for the richest shopping experience. The site is mobile enabled. It will work on Microsoft, Android, IOS or any handheld mobile device such as a tablet or an iPad. It is compatibility tested on major platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari.

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Q: Can I trust you with information?

A: You absolutely could. ShopWPh is hugely vested in security. We use industrial standard SSL certificates to authenticate websites and web servers. When the verification work is marked safe. Our HTTPS secure site uses an encryption protocol to encrypt communications. This ensures any data is first protected. The site is primary protected and monitored by Google using latest embedded reCaptcha technology that filters spam and suspicious activities base on an advance algorithm. Lastly the site has privacy policy rule that safeguard the user’s private information.

Q: So how can I be a registered user?

A: You can be one by clicking this shortcut link

Q: Must I sign up as a member to shop?

A: No you can buy directly without signing up.

Q: Should I register on the website?

A: By registering you will be first to be informed of new product launches, plus store promotions, member exclusive previews, product request, member only opinion polls.

And if you happen to make purchase, ShopWPH will base on your provided information to ship out product to your door step. So it is vital to keep the address and contact information updated.

Q: What if I need help on the website?

A: You can contact support team we will get to you within 24 hours.
Help will be prioritized to registered shoppers.

Q: What is currency of the site?

A: The currency that you see is in US Dollars.

Q: The language translation seem not working?

A: Find the multi flag panel select drop down and choose language to translate to. This actually needs to be toggled and is not automatic. If language translating does not work, right click on content and click on translate to native.

Q: I cannot find the homepage menu?

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A: You can use quick navigator that is on almost every page. This will allow a smooth shopping experience.

Either select a category from drop down menu and click search icon.
Or you can enter keyword(s) into search box, click search icon to perform a search. Whichever helps.

Q: What is your coverage and where do you ship?

A: We ship parcels world wide and provide you with a valid tracking ID.

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Our help team will assist the moment a transaction is made. Ensuring you parcel order is well received, packed and served to location or we issue you money back.

Q: How can I send gift to friends or relatives?

A: You can just update the shipping address to theirs. This correction has to be done before the checkout. If you managed to mess it up, contact our support and we will try our best to assist you.

Q: What is ShopWPH guarantee?

A: Shoppers can be assured of support and customer service as long as there is valid purchase ID and you are registered at ShopWPH.com

Our customer care extends to ensuring:

ShopWPH Customer support

Q: What is the acceptable payment mode?

A: Accepted payments now by Credit Card, Debit Card, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, Union Pay & PayPal.

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*Apple Pay and Google Pay payment integration slated for Q3 2020.

Q: How do I buy?

A: After you click at a item, selected quantities and click add to cart, there are 3 ways you can proceed to checkout and making payment.

(1) Click the grey basket icon on bottom left or (2) Click top right basket logo on page or (3) Simply click ‘CHECKOUT‘ button on menu to checkout.

You will be directed to payment page. Simply fill payment information confirm and proceed to payment.

Q: What is process to have my parcel delivered to me after check out?

A: The process works out to be like this:

buying process

If you need help at any point please just reach out to us our Contact Us page

Q: How do I get my tracking after purchase?

A: You will get a automated email addressed to your name with the following details. Your unique order ID, the shipping company, shipping ID, date of shipping, product ID, date of purchase, basket value, total spends etc. In short a breakdown of your recent purchase on our site.

Q: How can I activately trace my parcel?

A: Click TRACK ORDER for fast no frills check. This option do not require log in. Alternatively you can log into shopWPH.com with your account. Go to dashboard to find updated order status.

Q: Why is a product not displaying anymore?

A: A supplier might have got out of stock. In such situations please allow time for restocking.

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: It depends. Usually we will pick what is nearest to the destined address so it makes sense to cut shipping time.

Q: How long is shipping?

A: Handling time is 2-3 days and shipping plus logistics time of 10-24 work days. Please provide 1-2 days of allowance for weekends or public holidays

Q: Where can I check the exact shipping status?

A: If you are logged in find your order ID. Expand the section and find the ship tracking ID or shipping number. Copy paste that number into this website track17.net/en then click the track button.

Q: Is there a return policy?

A: Yes, please refer to Store Policy for conditions our return policy.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Yes, please refer to Store Policy for conditions our refund policy.

Q: What if the product is damaged during shipment?

A: We use only industrial best post methods and means to best protect the parcel. Our shipper is trained and experienced in packing your item. In the worse case of a damaged shipment we will reimburse you according to our returns/ refunds policy.

Q: What if the product is lost during shipment?

A: All parcels will be issued with standard tracking number. We use professional courier lines with the industrial experience and expertise to track and ship to your mail box. Each shipping is tracked until it reaches your mail box. In cases of lost shipment it can be insured by the courier or reimbursed by shop depending on the post situation.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with quality or performance of my purchase?

A: The store does not ensure satisfaction in goods actual performance. Buyer are encouraged to read product descriptions, titles, merchant ratings, seller score, number of solds, number of inventories, reviews, product feedbacks. ShopWPH will take in active users feedback and will step in if a product is under warranty by the providing manufacturer. Buyer are encouraged to check for these details before committing to a purchase.

Q: How can I file a dispute or raise a claim?

A: Buyer may use our feedback portal to file disputes or claims. Please have your purchase ID to help us fast track your case.

Q: How long is a dispute case resolution?

Disputes handling may take up to 10-12 business days. Dispute are reviewed and information may be requested form buyer and source distributor. Decisions awarded are on case by case basis. There is no guarantee of favorable outcomes to a buyer. Buyer are to do their own due diligence on product effectiveness before committing to a purchase.

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