5 Effective Measures Against COVID-19

Simple Practical Day to Day Habits

Anybody young or old can keep up:

1) Avoid Touching Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Coronavirus can enter into our bodies through the eyes, nose, mouth. Which is precisely why our medical staffers wears face shields on top of a medical mask. Avoid unnecessary contact to the face and keep your hands sanitized where every possible with a travel size sanitizer.

2) Practice Respiratory Hygiene

If you have to be out, put on a face mask to protect yourself. It is now a mandatory rule in many countries to don a mask if you are out. In Singapore the fine have been increased from SGD $300 for first time offenders to SGD $900. This virus is not going away any time soon so be sure to stock up or at least have sufficient mask when you need one.

3) If you have Fever, Cough and Difficulty Breathing, seek Medical Care early

By time of writing this post, as many as 25,000 in Singapore have recovered from the Novel Coronavirus. So what happens is once you are identified as a ‘case’ you will be allocated to one of those isolation centers. Where medical experts and volunteers will tend to you on daily basis. This prevents virus passing onto your immediate love ones. And keep you in a watched state until recovery.

4) Maintain Social Distancing

This rule is generally 1.5 metres away from the next individual. Queuing indicator marks are now placed outside shops and stores. Countries like Singapore now have volunteers acting as Safe-Distancing-Ambassadors walking the ground to ensure these just happens – Usually with warnings, bookings, even fines.

5) Wash Your Hands Frequently

No you don’t have to put on spacesuit. But if everyone’s been telling you to wash hands. Do it. The COVID-19 are known to linger on materials and places much longer then expected. And is also known to spread better in colder environments. So since we cannot see the virus. Do not know where it lingers. If possible wear glove, if not washing hands is one of your safest bet. Unless you want to addon to the curve of Coronavirus.

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