Waist Trainer Neoprene Body Shaper Women Slimming Sheath Belly Reducing Shaper Tummy Sweat Shapewear Workout Trimmer Belt Corset




Waist Trainer Neoprene Body Shaper Women Slimming Sheath Belly Reducing Shaper Tummy Sweat Shapewear Workout Trimmer Belt Corset

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Color:Black/Grey Size:S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL Material:Shell:Polyester100%;Core:Neoprene100% Thickness:2.6 mm extra thick Neoprene fabric for excellent sweating Style 1,2:13 Steel Bones Style 3,4,5,6:9 Steel Bones Effect:Make you sweat more easily in sports. Design:Shape your tummy & define your waistline Warehouse Location:China,United States Excellent Construction & Materials – Made of 2.5mm high-quality fabric, Shell: 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% Neoprene, smooth, feels comfortable, snug fit, can be worn inside and outside, good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, giving you a more natural look and shape. Besides, sturdy and durable sewing promise the waist trimmers’ quality and durability. OUTSTANDING Brand New Design -The abdomen double-layer compression design and widen design is wider than generic items, more area covered, more calories burned, more sweat comes, makes the abdomen effect more obvious. Double waist trainer belt + durable 4-row hooks combination design, and sticky adhesive, easy to adjust the size and stayed put while working out. Waist Trainer And Back Support – Our neoprene waist trainer corsets, which built-in 13 STEEL BONES(Include great well-made 8 X-SHAPE STEEL BONES not only snug fit and pressure your waist, but also protect the ribs from hurt), provide enough support for back pain relief and correct your posture. It is the best fitness equipment for all kinds of exercises in the gym. The Effect Is More Remarkable – The Workout Waist Trainer has excellent performance in burning fat. It helps you sweat to eliminate toxins, accelerate calorie burning process, tummy control, weight loss, and promote postpartum waist recovery. Maintain muscle warmth and support to prevent fatigue and injury after exercise.

Size Chart

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Waist Size

S 28″~30″(inch) 71~76(cm) M 30″~32″(inch) 76~81(cm) L 32″~34″(inch) 81.5~86.5(cm) XL 34″~36 1/2″(inch) 86.5~93(cm) 2XL 36 1/2″~39 1/2″(inch) 93~100.5(cm) 3XL 39 3/4″~42 1/4″(inch) 100.5-107(cm)

Model Show

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01.Excellent Double Velcro/Single Velcro

Double Velcro effectively provides firm pressure on your waist and abdomen,helps with weight loss and waist sculpturing and shaping.

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02.Tight and excellent sewing

Using high-level tailoring technology, the steel bone is completely cut and tightly sewn inside.The sewing thread is tight the stitches are neat and delicate, the overall effect is beautiful, and the hand feeling is excellent

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03.High quality hook and loop

Make it easy to put on and take off with a 30cm long four-row hook,provides full compression to flatten the stomach

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04.Thickness of 2.6mm material

Quickly increase the temperature of abdomen to burn fat removing excess sweat during exercise,and accelerate lose weight achieve the ideal shape of the hourglass curve, you will show a new outlook.

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05.Steel bones

25cm steel bones are covered in front and back for added support perfect fit to the waist avoid curling, slipping

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Black Double Velcro With 3 rows of hooks (13 Steel Bones)

Style 1:X-shaped steel bones design, can support the back, perfectly fit the waist, avoid curling, prevent slipping

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Only hooks (13 Steel Bones)

Style 2:V-shaped steel bones design, can support the back, perfectly fit the waist, avoid curling, prevent slipping

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Black Double Velcro With Zipper(9 Steel Bones)

Style 3

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Grey Double Velcro With Zipper(9 Steel Bones)

Style 4

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Black Single Velcro With Zipper(9 Steel Bones)

Style 5

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Grey Single Velcro With Zipper(9 Steel Bones)

Style 6

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Additional information

Weight500.0 g
Dimensions30.0 × 25.0 × 3.0 cm




Double Large Velcro

Can adjust the position where the abdomen needs

Fabric Type





Waist Cinchers

Warehouse Location

China-United States


Shape your tummy & define your waistline

Super thick neoprene material

2.5mm neoprene fabric-heat-insulating- impervious- airtight

Obscene Picture


Control Level


Sexually Suggestive



9 Pieces / 13 Pieces Steel Bones


Waist Trainer-Neoprene Waist Trainer-Promote Sweat

Fits perfect

Fit to the waist- avoid curling- slipping


13 Bones Black 1, 13 Bones Black 2, 9 Bones Black 3, 9 Bones Black 5, 9 Bones Grey 4, 9 Bones Grey 6



Item Type


Model Number




Brand Name

miss moly


Thick (Winter)


Weight loss-waist trainer-workout bands


Make you sweat more easily in sports.

Unique steel bone Design

X-shaped / V Shaped steel bone design- closer to the waist


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