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Bright glamorous face cream, six peptides, pure collagen eye cream, anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-aging, acne whitening, skin care

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Gender: Female
NET WT: 30g
Country / Region of Manufacture: CHINA
Certification: GZZZ
Model Number: VG-TZ026
Certificate Number: 2019017647
Item Type: Cream
Use: Face
Feature: Anti-Aging
Ingredient: Argireline, Collagen
Product Name: anti wrinkle face cream, Six peptide eye cream
Functions: whitening, anti aging, moisturizing
Advantage: Deep nourishment Long-lasting, argireline face set
Effect: Delicate and smooth wrinkle cream set
Suitable Age: Unlimited, wrinkle face cream, skin care set
Suitable for: Repair face cream, whitening cream
Item Type: Suitable for all skin types
Use for Face: For face and eyes
Quality Inspection: Qualified
Expiration Date: 36 months

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Bright Glamorous Face Cream Six Peptide Pure Collagen Wrinkle Eye Cream Long-lasting Anti-Aging Anti Whitening Acne Care Skin Set


Peptide face cream + eye cream


Eliminate 99% of facial wrinkles

Rich expression, IMPROPER FEEDING, outflow of collagen protein make you look 10 years older

Frontal wrinkles

Fishtail line

Quan Character Wrinkles

Nasolabial wrinkles

Getting rid of bags and circles under the eyes against wrinkles


Do not let acne affect your beauty

Acne will affect all your research, work, dates with an insecure psycho and ugly skin drives people crazy, and I want to get rid of them

Flat and tight

Reduces wrinkles

Eliminate microcracks

Recovery and Improvement


Easy to say goodbye to loose skin

After persistent use for two weeks, you may feel that the skin is tight.

After prolonged use for four weeks, the skin becomes moist and shiny.

After prolonged use for six weeks, the micro-grooves caused by dryness gradually disappear, the skin gradually becomes transparent

After persistent use for two months, the skin is as bright as rebirth, smooth and delicate.


[Main components]

Yeast fermentation lysate filtrate, cetearyl alcohol, Sai • clomethicone, tvventy carbon six Eleic acid, tocopherol acetate, retinyl acetate, aloe barley (aloe. BARBADENSIS) leaf extract, oat seed extract,? Szlig; -glucan bisolysis, hydrolysis , tocopherol (vitamin E), sodium hyaluronate

[Product Efficiency] six peptides activated essence can help repair skin, effectively solve tired complexion, improve skin elasticity and tightness, quickly lighten skin tone. Provides women with a radiant look without knowing your age.

[Skin types]

Suitable for various types of skin


I.05fl. oz (30g)


[Main components] hydrogenated polydecane, carnosine, acetyl hexapeptide-8, yeast fermentation lysate filtrate, cyclometric, six carbon alkene acids, Oligopeptide-1, Hexapeptide-1, Tocopherylacetate, retinyl acetate, Aloe veracin leaf extract, acid. behenyl alcohol, hesperidin glucosyl, oatmeal extract, citrus extract, and szlig; -glucan, hydrolyzed skin salmon proteinbisabolol, tocopherol (vitamin E), Sodiumhyaluronate. Phenoxyethanol.

[Main effectiveness] Silky texture gives dewy feel when smeared and not sticky after application. Fast absorption and blocking of moisture for a long time. It fades and makes the skin of the eyes soft, firm and supple. Reduces the formation of microgrooves, slows down the aging of the skin, resists expressive wrinkles and various dynamic lines, allows smooth and smooth skin.

[Skin types] suitable for various skin types

[Specifications] 0.7 floz (20g)


Reduces wrinkles on the face, microgrooves on the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles of the nose and neck, improves the water content in the skin, allows the skin to be thinner and smoother

It improves the roughness of the skin on the face, as well as holes and various micro-grooves caused by a weakened ability to restore the skin due to the outflow of collagen protein


It restores eye fatigue – it is filled with many nutrients on the lower part of the skin, deeply moisturizes the skin around the eyes, relieves eye fatigue,

Cream for removing circles under the eyes, eliminating dark circles.

Restores wrinkles around the eye area – restores and restores a thin barrier around the eyes, activating the skin of the eyes with a lot of nutrients, lifting


Nourish the eyes

Nourishes brittle eyes and provides comfort and smoothness.

Lift up:

Strengthens the skin around the eyes to increase elasticity

FADE with two options for LNESS socks:

Improve dullness around the eyes and relieve tension around the eyes

Soothing down lines

Effectively improves goose legs and fine lines under the eyes


Firming, anti-wrinkle and repair

World-famous anti-wrinkle ingredient, hexadeceptide, which can effectively repair and improve fine lines and fine lines

Effectively Anti Wrinkles



4 active ingredients and smooth fading lines

Stretches the signs of age to revive and refresh the look of the eyes

What is peptide eye cream?

Can be quickly converted into the nutritional ingredients needed by cells. lalow skin cells to restore vitality, like rebirth, it effectively eliminates and suppresses wrinkles and goose legs around the eyes, and the surrounding contraceptive actions, helps to relax the skin and make the skin supple, restores soft and smooth lines

Acety Hexapeptide-8

Stops nerve conduction, relaxes muscles, and promotes coagulation

Additional information

Weight 120.0 g
Dimensions 10.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm
Expiration Date

36 months



Product Name

anti wrinkle face cream- Six peptide eye cream


whitening -anti aging- moisturizing



Item Type

Suitable for all skin types

Model Number








Suitable for

Repair face cream- whitening cream

Brand Name


Certificate Number



Deep nourishment Long-lasting- argireline face set

Quality Inspection




Suitable Age

Unlimited- wrinkle face cream- skin care set


Delicate and smooth wrinkle cream set

Use for Face

For face and eyes

Country/Region of Manufacture



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