LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Home Indoor Outdoor hygrometer thermometer Weather Station with Clock





Material: ABS
Product size: 102*92*22mm
Color: white and black
Temperature range: -10°~+50°
Humidity range: 10%~99%RH
Temperature resolution: 0.1° (0.2°)
Humidity resolution: 1%RH
Accuracy of temperature measurement: ±1°(1.8°)
Accuracy of humidity measurement:  ±5%(30%-70%)
Battery: 1*AAA battery (not included)
Package list: 1*thermometer hygrometer, 1*user manual, 1*cable


1. Function: Measuring humidity,temperature and time simultaneously,large LCD display,easy for reading.
2. Function 2: Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value,12-hour / 24-hour displaying system selectable.
3. Unit selectable: Temperature unit is switchable, between ° and ° unit selectable.
4. Portable: Clock alarm function, compact and light, easy to carry.
5. Usage: Widely used in indoor temperature and humidity measurement, suitable for lab, cold chain transport, warehousing and more.
6. Large LCD display: LCD screen with large digits displays the current indoor-outdoor temperature and humidity percentages, easy and clear to read.
7. Easy to install: With retractable stand, simply placed on the table.

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Additional information

Weight 140.0 g
Dimensions 8.0 × 8.0 × 1.0 cm

HTC-1 Indoor, HTC-2 in-Outdoor, Mini 1M wire-1052, Mini 1M wire-366, Mini no wire-175, Mini no wire-193

Brand Name


Power Type

AAA Battery



Display Type


Display Size

2.0 – 3.9 Inches


Temperature Sensor

Special feature

Temperature Humidity Meter


Standing Station

Model Number


Max Measuring Temperature

50°C – 69°C


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