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Xiaomi Jeeback G2 Neck Massager Electric Cervical Massager Hot Compress L-Shaped Wear 360°Floating Massage Work With Mijia App

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Brand Name: ENCHEN
Model Number: G2
Size: Medium
Material: ABS
Application: NECK
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Brand: Xiaomi Jeeback


Product model: G2

Lithium battery: DC37V=1400 mah Quiescent current: ∠100uA

Input: DC5V=6 W

Remote control rated voltage: DC3V=2032 button battery

Product size: length 140 mm* width 85 mm* height 148 m

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Xiaomi Jeeback G2 Neck Massager Electric Cervical Massager

Hot Compress L-Shaped Wear 360°Floating Massage Work With Mijia App

Main Features:

● Type C charging cable. If you use it for 30 minutes a day, it can last for 8 days.

● If the electrode pads are not in contact with the skin, they will automatically shut down after 60 seconds of operation to ensure safe use and save powerful.

● Free control through the Mijia App. The user interface is easy to understand and you can quickly enter your favorite massage mode.
One-click memory function click to quickly restore the settings when the G2 was last used.

● The design of the L-style scarf is only 190 g. Stylish and stylish, any scene can be worn without restrictions.

● G2 constant temperature hot compress function, 3 seconds accurate temperature control at 42 °C with high-sensitivity sensor, efficient cooling of the cervical spine.

● 360° omni directional floating massage head, G2 with 3 massage heads, each massage head uses 360 floating skin system.
Easily adapt to different groups of people, and maintain a good skin massage effect under free action.

● The L-shaped front end droops the neck to fit closer. Not only does it prevent the device from slipping off, but it also ensures that the massage piece and neck fit more closely.

● 83 deep massages per minute, 3 wrap-around designs, deep massage of the neck for more areas.


Double Effect Neck Guard Comparable to a Master Massage ● TENS Pulse ● Dual-Effect Hot Pack ● L-Shaped Wear ● Work with Mijia APP

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Cervical Spine Must Not Be Ignored

Long-term desk, prolonged bowing, the cervical spine will be passively stretched for a long time, causing excessive tension in the neck muscles and poor blood circulation.
Over time, it will cause chronic muscle strain and cervical spine deformation. In severe cases, it will affect the blood supply to the brain and cause dizziness and headache. ,
Disc herniation and other issues.

Tip: The easiest way to check if there is a problem with the cervical spine is to turn the cervical spine left, right, up, down, back and forth to see if it unusual.

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Four Principles Make Your Cervical Spine Comfortable For Life

Warm reminder: Correct bad posture and maintain good habits. Always seek a doctor in severe cases. Take advantage of fragmented time during busy work to relax and care for the cervical spine. ● Pamper Massage And Relax ● Correct Bad Posture ● Training Muscle Strength ● Physical Therapy Dislocation

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TENS Pulse Massage Thoroughly Relax Neck Muscles

Pulse current below 1000Hz is called low-frequency pulse current in medicine. Low frequency pulse current therapy is a method for treating diseases with pulse current below 1000Hz. Using the principle of TENS low-frequency pulses, three major massage techniques are simulated, kneading, scraping, acupuncture and self-circulation mode. There are 3 major massage methods combined with 15 levels of intensity selection. There must be a set of settings suitable for your cervical spine. Taking care of the cervical spine turned out to be so simple. ● Level 15 Strength ● Knead ● Scraping ● Acupuncture

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83 Deep Massages Per Minute Say Goodbye To Stiff Neck Muscles

Wrap-around design with 3 heads for deep massage on more areas of the neck. The traditional double-headed neck protector can cause acupuncture pain caused by the deviation of the electrode during use. G2 uses a three-massage head. The positive electrodes on both sides of the middle negative electrode form an omnidirectional package. No matter how the user shakes, it will ensure that at least one side of the positive electrode and the negative electrode are connected. ● 3 Heads Surround ● Deep Massage

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L-Shaped Balance Wear Guaranteed Fit Does Not Slip

The L-shaped front sags the neck for a tighter fit. Move the core part of the product to the front end, and move the center of gravity forward without pressing the carotid artery. When the user wears the G2 on the neck, it can prevent the device from slipping and ensure that the massage pad and the neck fit more precisely. ● Fashion ● Light ● Comfortable

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● L-Shaped Comfort Wear Center Of Gravity Forward Ergonomics No Deviation ● U-Shaped Traditional Wear Weight Unbalanced Easy To Deviate From Electrode Pads

360° Floating Massage Head

● Flexible Fit ● Freedom of Movement Coping with neck contours of different groups requires a more flexible massage head. While G2 is equipped with 3 massage heads, each massage head uses a 360 ° floating skin attachment system. Easily adapt to different groups of people and maintain a good skin massage effect under free movement.

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Constant Temperature Hot Pack Double Effect Soothing

Most people with cervical discomfort have slow blood circulation, which makes the cervical spine cold, especially in winter.
The G2 constant temperature hot pack function is turned on, and the sensor that accurately controls the temperature at 42°C for 3 seconds can effectively solve the cold state of the cervical spine.
The dual effect of hot compress massage relieves neck discomfort.
More intimately, you can turn on the hot compress function separately in autumn and winter to take care of the cervical spine, which is very comfortable.

● Constant Temperature 42 ℃ ● Independent Hot Pack

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Lightweight Only 190g Efficient Care of Debris Time

The value is stylish and light, and massage is never restricted. L-shaped scarf design, the whole machine is only 190g.
The large area on the outside of the fuselage uses ivory white as the main color and is embedded with silver mirror metal.
It has a stylish shape and has a fashionable sense that makes people look bright. It can be worn freely in any scene.

Note: 190g is measured by the laboratory, but there will be a slight deviation of ± 8g depending on the batch.

● Work break ● Travel ● Home leisure

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Finalist 2019 China Red Star Design Award Finalist 2019 Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award

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Mijia App Control Easily Master All Functions

G2 has been connected to the Mijia App and can be freely controlled through the App. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand, and you can quickly enter your favorite massage mode. One-click memory function can be quickly restored to the previous setting when using G2. ● Work with Mijia APP ● Bluetooth Connection

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Endurance for 8 Days

It is suitable for DC Type-C charging cable. If it is used for 30 minutes every day, it can be used continuously for 8 days. If the electrode is not in contact with the skin, it will automatically shut down after 60 seconds of inactivity to ensure safe use and save power. *The data is provided by the spine safety laboratory. Due to the unused working conditions, there may be differences. The actual situation shall prevail.

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Only 2 Steps, Easy For Seniors

G2 supports remote control operation and Mijia App operation. Mijia App has memory function.

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How to operate?

Step 1: ● Wear G2 Lightly ● Let The Pads Touch The Skin

Step2: ● Short Press The Machine’s Circular Button To Start ● Long Press To Enter Bluetooth Mode

Step3: ● Remote Control Operation ● Hold The Remote Control ● Single Press “M” to Start Massage
● Press And Hold The “M” For Two Seconds To Turn On / Off The Heating Mode ● “+ -” Control Strength ● Up And Down Keys Selection Mode

Step 4: ● Binding Mijia App ● Enter The Function Interface After Connecting G2 ● Click On The Corresponding Icon

Detail Craftsmanship

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● Elastic Wall Design Good Rebound And Toughness
● Micro Curved Electrode Increase Skin Contact Area
● Stainless Steel Electrode 304 Austenitic 304 Stainless Steel Electrode Delicate And Non-Allergic
● Remote Magnetic Attraction Not easy to lose

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Basic Parameters

● Length 140mm ● Width 85mm ● Height 148mm Manual measurement, due to different measurement methods, the size will be slightly different.

Additional information

Weight 550.0 g
Dimensions 150.0 × 150.0 × 30.0 cm
Brand Name



Xiaomi Jeeback





Item Type

Massage & Relaxation

Model Number





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