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Bluetooth Selfie Stick 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Outdoor Holder w/Focus Pull Zoom for iPhone Action Camera (Black)

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Brand Name: BASEUS
Material: Plastic
Configured for(Adaption): Smartphones
Folded Length (mm): 140
Model Number: Baseus Camera Stabilizer
Support Remote Control: Yes
Communication: Bluetooth
Weight (g): 250
Max Extened Length (mm): 150
Package: Yes
Type: Gimbal Stabilizer
Material: ABS+PC
Feature 1: Automatic motion tracking
Feature 2: 3-Axis Stabilization
Phone Width: <92mm
Allowable Weight: About 250g
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Function: Support Tripod

720 in stock


Bluetooth Selfie Stick 3-Axis

Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Operation instructions

(1) Install phone

1.Please install a phone and adjust the balance when the gimbal powers off. 2.Push and hold open the phone clamp, slide the phone in as close as possible against the tilt axis motor, and clamp on.( see the above Figure) 3.Rotate the tilt axis to the right 4.Adjust the phone balance by sliding the horizontal arm of the roll axis; (If the phone is tilted to the right, shorten the arm; if the phone is tilted to the left, lengthen the arm. If it is still tilted to the left, attach the counterweight to adjust the balance)

(2) Power on/off

1.Power on: Long press the power button for 3 seconds to power on the gimbal after balancing the phone; Notes: If the gimbal automatically detects that the phone is not well-balanced after powering on, it will enter the automatic calibration state. Click “Calibrate” and wait for 15 seconds. The gimbal will automatically calibrate and enter sleep mode during this period. Restart it after 15 seconds.

(3) Connect APP

Power on the gimbal — turn on the phone Wireless — open the Baseus Control APP — search the gimbal Wireless and connect the gimbal.

Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Capture the Most Beautiful Moments

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1.Three-axis stabilization / 2.Automatic motion tracking / 3.Manual zoom / 4.panoramic shooting / 5.Auto-calibration / 6.Multi-angle shooting

H8670753b714349598006273f6539c8dce ShopWPH.com 1

Take Out the Shake and Record Anywhere

Be the director of your life/Segment subrecording/Online streaming/Outdoor activities/Extreme sports/Dance filming /Wedding fiming

H26ecf594ed6e45feb0a03a9e34068c903 ShopWPH.com 1

Three-Axis Stabilization Anti-Shake for a More Beautiful Shot

Enhanced stability gimbal for a smooth recording and live streaming experience.

H444731182ead4d8ba616e9c9e23f63f6n ShopWPH.com 1

Automatic Motion Tracking Be a Star Wherever You Go

Uses intelligent image recognition technology to follow target faces or objects./Face tracking /Object tracking

H95c60abf8f8d45ba8428961458dd85dcn ShopWPH.com 1

Auto-Calibration Can Record Portrait and Landscape

Automatically detects based on balance benchmarks and supports multi-angle shooting. Portrait Landscape Side Shot Hanging

H50faa4c4f5144d608dea304b295e2d944 ShopWPH.com 1

320°Panoramic Now You Can Finally Fit Everyone in the Picture

Supports 180°/320°panoramic tracking – take in all the views.

H5f3d6fdc8b2f40769943864ac9d79966I ShopWPH.com 1

Dolly Zoom Make Home Movies Like the Hollywood Pros

Slide the button to zoom in on close-ups for an amazing telescopic feel. Create the “Vertigo Effect” zoom effects with the app.

Hee9999ea8c2a4de0a8b40854bbc9c85dN ShopWPH.com 1

One-Click Transition Effects

“PhoneGo mode” makes quick transitions to capture every little movement.

H69284788d2a742c581541f69a581233c6 ShopWPH.com 1

Timelapse Photography Discover the Dynamic World

Use the smart app to toggle time-lapse settings including exposure/recording time, light, and shadow with your phone. Static timelapse Sports timelapse Tracking timelapse

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12 Hour Battery Life Record Worry Free

2200mAh battery capacity.

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Smart Controls Through Mobile App

Enjoy shooting moments by using multiple intelligent functions expanded through the APP. Baseus Control APP supports iOS 10.0 or above and Android 6.0 or above.

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Concise Controls Designed from Entry Level to Prosumer

Includes free micro USB charging cable

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Package List

1.Cable*1 /2.Stabilizer*1/3.Counter weight*1

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Additional information

Weight 763.0 g
Dimensions 31.0 × 8.0 × 16.0 cm


Feature 1

Automatic motion tracking

Feature 2

3-Axis Stabilization



Model Number

Baseus Camera Stabilizer

Max Extened Length (mm)


Brand Name



Support Tripod


Gimbal Stabilizer

Phone Width


Allowable Weight

About 250g

Battery Capacity


Folded Length (mm)


Support Remote Control




Configured for(Adaption)


Weight (g)





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