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Safe comb for dogs, pet comb, brush for grooming, 2-sided professional rake for easy removal of rugs and tangled cats (Yellow ONE SIZE)

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Safe comb for dogs, pet comb, brush for grooming, 2-sided professional

Rake for easy removal of rugs and tangled cats (Yellow ONE SIZE)

  • Durable and comfortable ergonomic Non-slip handleThe handle is in a sturdy construction, easy to hold and fits well in the hand., Which is sturdy and durable, fits perfectly in the hand.
  • No scratches and pain! -Round stainless steel teeth make your pet’s skin safer and more comfortable. Our tool not only helps to remove undercoats and loose hair without stretching or cutting hair, but also cuts knots and removes rugs without scratching the skin of pets, makes grooming much easier.
  • Get rid of pet hair all over the house for pets of all sizes. – Quickly and gently remove loose hair, rugs and tangles with minimal tearing and cutting. Great for shaping, finishing, thinning and removing shedding, creating soft, smooth and shiny fur in minutes.
  • All in 1 tool box -Dematting, desheding & Cleaning at the same time. It is easy and pleasant to use for you and a great experience for your dog. Durable and comfortable handles in a sturdy construction, easy to hold and good to hold in your hand.
  • Fabric –  TPR Material; Stainless steel blades do not rust; Ergonomic non-slip comfortable handle prevents fatigue; Rugged and durable construction will last for a long time 
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Due to manual measurement, size may vary by 0-1cm.

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An indispensable comb to help keep your pet clean and healthy by removing tangles, rugs, loose hair and dirt.

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Rounded on the outside, which does not scratch the skin, unlike other tools with pointed edges. Sharp inside so that it cleans all the rugs and easily tangles with the comb.

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1. Examine the pet coat and find the balls.

2. Carefully remove the mat and clean it with a tool. Always comb in the direction of the hair.

3. Start with 12 teeth on the side for strong clews and rugs.

4. Finishing with 23 teeth for thinning and defining to achieve a better care effect.

5. Ideal for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and all furry pets.


  • Please keep the care tool away from fire and high temperature
  • Please keep the care tool out of the reach of your pet or child.
  • Please keep the care tool clean after use. Always dry after washing.
  • Please be careful when using the grooming tool and avoid misuse that could result in personal injury.
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Ergonomic non-slip comfortable handle prevents grooming fatigue.

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Convenient eyelet makes it easy to store, clamp or hang the tool.

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