8.5 Inch LCD Drawing Tablet Digital Erasable Drawing Tablet / Mat / Whiteboard for Children Electronic Graphic Tablet LC


Brand Name: TISHRIC
Pressure Levels: 512
Type: Graphic Tablets
Resolution Ratio: 1016lpi
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Screen Size(diagonal): 8″
Package: No
Tablet Width: 15
Model Number: writing tablet
Type: Digital Tablets
Tablet length: 23
Interface Type: USB
Material: Plastic
Function 1: graphics tablet
Function 2: graphic tablet
Function 3: graphics tablets
Function 4: graphics tablet screen
Function 5: graphics tablet screen
Function 6: graphics tablet lcd
Function 7: digital graphic tablet
Function 8: graphic tablet for drawing
Function 9: drawing tablet
Function 10: tablet for drawing
Function 11: tablet draw kids
Function 12: lcd drawing tablet
Function 13: digital drawing tablet
Function 14: erasable drawing pad
Function 15: digital writing pad
Function 16: lcd writing tablet
Function 17: lcd writing tablet 8.5 inch
Function 18: writing tablet



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Additional information

Weight 200.0 g
Dimensions 25.0 × 15.0 × 6.0 cm

Black Colorful, Black thick lock, Black Thin no Lock, Black with Lock, Blue Colorful, Blue thick lock, Blue Thin no Lock, Business Blue, Business Pink, Red Colorful, Red thick lock, Red Thin no Lock

Screen Size(diagonal)


Function 9

drawing tablet

Function 8

graphic tablet for drawing

Pressure Levels


Function 3

graphics tablets

Function 2

graphic tablet

Function 1

graphics tablet

Function 7

digital graphic tablet

Interface Type


Function 6

graphics tablet lcd

Function 5

graphics tablet screen

Function 4

graphics tablet screen

Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080

Tablet Width


Function 10

tablet for drawing

Function 15

digital writing pad

Function 16

lcd writing tablet



Function 17

lcd writing tablet 8.5 inch

Function 18

writing tablet

Model Number

writing tablet

Function 11

tablet draw kids

Function 12

lcd drawing tablet

Function 13

digital drawing tablet

Function 14

erasable drawing pad

Brand Name


Resolution Ratio



Digital Tablets

Tablet length





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