Cofoe Yiyue glucose tester, medical diabetes tester, free code glucometer, blood sugar monitor, 50/100 pcs, test strips and loose lancets

Glucometer blood sugar monitor diabetes machine medical glucometer

Cofoe Yiyue glucometer medical diabetes tester glucometer Free Code blood sugar monitor and 50/60 pcs test strips and loose lancets


As an aviation restriction, the battery is not included in the scope of delivery! The manual is Chinese, if you want the manual in English, please contact us.


Product Name: Cofoe Yiyue Glucometer with Test Strips and Lancet Needles

Size: 48.5 * 14 * 90 mm

Test Range: 1.1-33.3 mmol / L

Memory: 250 results.

Type: free code


1. One button operation.

2. Easy and quick to measure
3. A small amount of blood.

4. With a pen for blood sampling, stripes and a matching needle.

5. White High-quality gift wrap

Two options:

A meter with 50 strips = 1 glucometer + 1 pen for blood sampling + 1 bag + 50 pcs (1 box) patent test paper + 50 pcs sterile blood sampling needles (Free shipping 25 pcs of test strips)

A meter with 100 strips = 1 glucometer + 1 pen for blood sampling + 1 bag + 100 pcs (2 boxes) patent test paper + 100 pcs sterile blood sampling needles (Send 50 pcs of test strips for free)


The shelf life of the test strips is August 7, 2020.


Blood glucose meter


Free debugging 0.5ul blood sample; 5s testing time


New update with 6 new features

Auto Setup with Free Code

1) Automatic interpolation

2) Free calibration

3) Avoid personal error


Технология тестирования нескольких сайтов AST


Вы можете собирать кровь через несколько участков, таких как ладони, руки, икры, бедра.

Это может уменьшить боль вашего пальца.

Несколько сайтов:Пальмовая кровь, кровяная рука, теленок, бедренная кровь

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03 Alarm Reminder

You can set an alarm notification so you can measure and record on time.


Before breakfast

Before lunch and dinner

1 hour after meal

2 hours after eating

2 to 4 in the morning


0.5ul microliter HP

There is no pain during the collection process, the volume of blood is small,

Only 0.5ul blood sample


Five seconds


The process is simple, it takes only 5 seconds for the result to be detected. The result of the stability test.

Memory 220 groups


It can calculate and display the average of all test results over the past 14 days,

It’s easy to understand the latest changes in blood glucose.

【Way of work】

① Insert test strips, Free Code

② Automatic blood absorption

③ 5s to display results