Cofoe Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Pulse Gauge Meter BP Heart Beat Rate Tonometer Digital LCD Sphygmomanometer


Brand Name: Cofoe
Commodity Quality Certification: 3C
Material: HDPE
Item Type: Blood Pressure
Model Number: KF-65B
Size: 105*140*65mm
Application: ARM
Weight: 300g(not include battery)
Detection range: 0.0KPa~40.0KPa
Working temperature: +5 degree~+40 degree
Working atmospheric pressure: 860hpa~1060hpa
Pulse rate display range: 40 times/min~150 times/min
Measuring method: oscillographic determination method



Cofoe Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm

Pulse Gauge Meter BP Heart Beat Rate Tonometer Digital LCD Sphygmomanometer

CE certification

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Cofoe Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


• With voice broadcast. • 120 sets of storage data • 3.7’ big LCD screen show the measure results • Light and easy to carry • Low noise, low power consumption, and long service life • Automatic measure easy to use • Accuracy ±3mmHg ±0.4kPa • Four-layer packaging to prevent damage


• Suitable arm Circumference: 22cm-32cm • LCD size: 115 x 135 mm x 83mm • Pulse rate:40~200 time /min • Pressure measurements range: 0~280mmHg(0~37.3kPa) • Storage Memory: 120 groups • weight : 280g (without battery) • Equipment operation mode: Intermittent operation

【Operation steps】

● Please tide the bracelet on the measuring arm as the picture shows (degree of tightness as a finger as fitting), and let the air tap the wrist. ● About 2-3 cm (about a finger width) arm circumference size is 22-32 cm ● Ensure that the bottom edge of bracelet is about more than 2-3 cm away from elbow joint, and let the air faucet is in the arm inside. ● Please sit for 5 minutes in silence as the photos before measuring ● Put the arm on the desk flat, upright with your palms up ● The center of bracelet should be with the same height of heart ● Be noted that the air tube of bracelet can not be turned or bent ● Press OP button to measure ● It is not suitable to measure after meals, exercise and with emotional excitement.

Newly upgraded cofoe sphygmomanometer

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Blood Pressure Monitor Specifications

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Accurate measurement with one-key boot

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Three color shows

Red : High pressre Orange : slightly high Green : Normal

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Record 2*192 memory dates

Voice broadcast

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Product Detail Show

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Product List

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Additional information

Weight 500.0 g
Dimensions 20.0 × 15.0 × 10.0 cm

Three color, With adapter line

Commodity Quality Certification


Detection range




Pulse rate display range

40 times/min~150 times/min



Item Type

Blood Pressure

Model Number


Working temperature

+5 degree~+40 degree

Measuring method

oscillographic determination method


300g(not include battery)

Brand Name


Working atmospheric pressure





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