Disposable Dust Spray Suit Siamese Suit Non-woven White Dustproof Clothing Work Safe Safety Protective Clothing/safety goggle


Brand Name: Safurance
Usage: Utility & Safety



Disposable Dust Spray Suit Siamese Suit Non-woven White

Dust Proof Clothing Work Safe Safety Protective Clothing/safety goggle  1

Package Included:

1* Isolation clothing


[Product name] isolation clothing

[Product composition] Non-woven fabric is used as the main raw material, which is made by cutting and sewing. Non-sterile, single use.

[Efficacy] It is used for bacteriostatic, antibacterial and disinfection of indoor, air, furniture, daily necessities and personal hygiene cleaning and care.

[Scope of application] It is used for general isolation in clinics, wards, and test rooms of medical institutions.

[Product size] L / XL / XXL / XXL



1.The integrity of the product should be checked before use, and it is prohibited to use it if the product is damaged or damaged;

2.This product is a non-sterile product;

3.This product is a one-time product and it is forbidden to reuse it;

4. After using this product, please throw it into the trash can, please dispose of it as medical waste.


Instructions for use】

1.Put one hand into the medical isolator first, then put on the other hand;

2.Finish or fasten the cuffs and collars;

3. Fasten the strap or zip it up.  1

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Additional information

Weight 40.0 g
Dimensions 8.0 × 8.0 × 8.0 cm

one size goggle, safety clothes

Brand Name





Utility & Safety


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