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1 set, face mask, dust mask for painting, spray, pesticides, chemical smoke, fire protection, half face PM005

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Brand Name: None
Denfense Objects: Organic Gas
Model Number: PM005
Usage: WORK
Certification: LA
denfense objects: organic gases and vapors such as benzene and homologues, gasoline
apply for: spray paint pesticide chemical fire
colour: gray
function: PM2.5,block particle filter 95% above

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Half face painting, respirator, respirator, protective work mask, dust mask


Present and Features Provides a snug fit to any type and size. The substrate does not cause allergies, soft and tight-fitting strips to the face.


1. The system of fastening two elastic rubber belts on cotton and the headband is adjustable at four points.

2 6001CN activated carbon filter cartridge for filtering organic gases and vapors such as benzene and homologs, gasoline, acetone, carbon disulfide, helium, etc.

3 Size can be adjusted in two lines according to your size.

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Natural rubber Soft and suitable face mask

Spray, pesticides, chemical, fire

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Gas filter

Activated Carbon Filter Filter organic gases and steam such as benzene and homologs, gasoline, carbon acetone disulfide, secret etc.

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Dust filter

Filter sponge KN90 Filtering non-oil particles such as dust, PM2.5, etc.

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Breathing valve design

Unique cold flow exhalation valve, effectively reduces respiratory resistance

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Production Information

Model: FD-410

Material: rubber

Name: self-priming filter, gas mask

Application: protective dust, formaldehyde, organic gases, etc.

Warning: it is necessary to change the cotton filter when respiratory resistance increases significantly. Fliter poison

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Frequently asked Questions

1. When to replace the filter cartridge?
Feeling increased respiratory resistance, it smells like a faint smell of contaminated gas and replaces the filter when the body is bad.
– It is necessary to change the cotton filter when the respiratory resistance increases significantly

Additional information

Weight 300.0 g
Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 20.0 cm
Brand Name






denfense objects

organic gases and vapors such as benzene and homologues- gasoline

apply for

spray paint pesticide chemical fire


PM2.5-block particle filter 95% above

Model Number





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