So Which Mask Works Most Effective?

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I have almost worn each of these mask by now. Sometimes to get to a semi-crowded space like metro station I bring a spare and don up a double layer.

When so, I always prefer the second layer to be of different material because of its different properties. Which begs the question; which of these mask are most effective at stopping the COVID-19 spread? Or which offers the least protection? Now bear in mind the surgical mask no doubt recommended by doctors around the world do have its limitations and is not without flaws. For instance, it can be contaminated easily by a sneeze.

The mask that are commonly recommended during these times are likely the surgical masks. They are cheap, mass produced and have good properties against the virus. According to FDA or Food and Drug Administration of United States: Surgical mask when properly worn, “block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays or splatters that may contain germs like viruses and prevent them from reaching your mouth and nose.

I guess by now you know there is no sure way to isolate from the virus. A lot depends also on your personal hygiene, and our safest bet seem to be piling on layers of surgical mask and practicing social isolation as much as possible. With that said, it is STILL better to wear mask than not wearing mask at all. At end of the day you still want that basic minimal protection. Running a COVID-19 contamination is no joke.

By Michelle Roberts – Health Editor, BBC News online 23 April 2020
By Laura Geggel – Associate Editor, LiveScience, March 05, 2020
By Lisa Esposito – Staff Writer, U.S.News, April 3, 2020, at 1:08 p.m.

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